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Afton, Bayport, Lakeland (MN)
Charter Member (2015)
Past President (2017-2019)

District 5m-6 
Dakota, Ramsey, Washington County (MN)
District Governor (July- August 2022)
1st Vice District Governor (2021-22)
2nd Vice District Governor (2020-21)

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Multiple District 5M

Who is Pete Kelzenberg

Depends who you ask:

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Sara Kelzenberg - "He is my husband of 24 years. I leave him alone for 5 minutes, now he is going to be the District Governor" "Can you take out the trash first?"


Katie and Henry Kelzenberg - "He is my Dad" " He attended all our activities and volunteered when we needed him.  I get my sense of humor from him, but otherwise I think I will be OK. 


Local Lions club members - "He is a past president of the Afton Bayport Lakeland club., which is east of St. Paul on the border with our neighboring state of Wisconsin. 


Realtor colleagues and clients - "He is a tough negotiator, yet honest and fair. He represents his clients well."


School staff - "He was a welcome volunteer in classrooms and activities, He chaired our PTA, and served on many school and District committees.  Now he sits as a director on the School Board. 


School bus riders - "He was our substitute driver.  We call him Pete the Cat


Local votersI voted for him in 2021 to fill a vacancy.  I will vote for him again in 2022 for a full term on the school board, 


Dwayne Johnson (Hollywood) - "He is the father of my best friend, "Katie Kelzenberg."  "Unfortunately, I was unable to go to the Prom with her"  * 

* Disclaimers

Unlike my daughter, Dwayne Johnson, does not know me from Adam.  Check it out these video links. 

My Lions journey  

Unlike many other District Governors, I do not have a long history with the Lions.  My community involvement began at the local schools my children attended.  About 7 years ago (2015) I responded to an invite to learn about a service club forming in our area.  What hooked me was the integrity of the organization.   Serve the community and any money raised must go back to the community.  “Sure, sign me up.”


Our newly formed club had experienced members who charted along with myself.  Dennis and Cheryl Kelly along with their family and friends were in a position to show me to the ways of Lions and all of the good they do.  I learned quickly what it was all about.  I volunteered to be Vice President which meant President the following term. (ABL does two-year terms) I enjoy organizing and and being part of service projects. Knowing that we were serving the greater good by our actions and not just words made it more meaningful.


I increased my involvement in District activities which got me to this point. Yet, in many ways I am still new to this.  I hope to bring a combination of fresh perspective and gained experience to serve the organization well.  Along the way, I look forward to meeting more of my extended Lions family.  I intend to ask others what got them here. What got them interested, involved and inspired.  Hopefully I will pick up some collective wisdom and apply it in ways that will encourage new and continued involvement from others. 


“But Pete, give me a little more biographical background, in case I can not find anyone else to talk to and must make conversation with you.”  OK.  I was born into a military family and lived in many different states and countries, and cities in MN until finally settling down in Rosemount, where I graduated in 1980.  For those of you doing the math, you can figure that I am xx years old.  But subtract 1, as I was 17 at graduation.  We started earlier in when I lived in England.  


My wife, Sara Kelzenberg, is not a Lion.   She stays busy as an architect designing schools throughout MN.  Our two kids, Katie and Henry are recent graduates of Stillwater area High School.  Professionally, I am a Real Estate Broker running my own business out of my home in Afton.  I also substitute drive school busses which helps me keep things in perspective. 


I look forward to working with our past and future District Governors, our cabinet, and members throughout our district. This service Journey will be a great experience for all. 

This narrative continues with My (V)DG journal above

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