Conversation starters


As this journey continues, I will have the pleasure of meeting fellow lions (and others). Many for the first time. I will remind myself that it is not always about our mission.  We do a lot of good things, but another reason we are here is for social reasons.  We get to meet and enjoy the company of like minded individuals.  When we meet, I look forward to hearing your memorable experiences in Lions and life. 

Having said that, you may find yourself in a situation saying....

"Pete, I can not find anyone else to talk to and gotta make conversation with you.”  Give me some starters.



1.   Your wife Sara, seems very nice.  Why is she not a Lion?

2.  In your professional life, you are a Real estate broker.  What do you offer that is unique?

3.  You also drive school busses.  How do you manage those kids?

4.  What's this thing with Dwane "The Rock" Johnson and your daughter Katie.

5.  You were a swimmer.  How can I improve my swimming stroke?

6.  In 2020 your were running for your school board. What became of that?   

7.  What is the secret to riding a unicycle?  How about juggling?

8.  Your father was a customs agent for many years. Anything exciting?

Since I don't know your own conversation starter, I may have to go with...

1.   Does your spouse know you went out in public looking like that?

2.  Isn't it time to extend your car warantee?

3.  Can I change your view on politics or religion?

4.  Do you think you might be better off drinking decaf?

5.  Which of your kids or grandkids do you like the best? 

6.  Can you spare me $20 until payday?

7.  Will you feed my cats while I am away?

But seriously, if you are a Lion, I am more likely to ask...

(you are welcome to ask me the same)

1. What was your initial exposure to Lions?

2. What was it that made or helped you decide to join?

3. What are you proud of as a Lion?

4. How has this organization affected other things you do?

5. If Lions (local or larger) will continue to grow.  Why?

6. If Lions (local or larger) will falter.  Why?

7. Why should your neighbor join?

8. Why should your neighbor not join?

9. What other direction would you like to nudge or shove this organization?