Perhaps you can help

I brought up these questions on my conversation page.  If you are willing to take a moment and answer any of the following, it is appreciated.  You may use the form or the contact button.   If you would rather talk, please just say call me and enter your number.  If I cite your input, it will be without using your name unless you otherwise authorize me to do so. 

Thank You. 

1.  What was your initial exposure to Lions?

2. What was it that made or helped you decide to join?

3. What are you proud of as a Lion?

4. How has this organization affected other things you do?

5. If Lions (local or larger) will continue to grow.  Why?

6. If Lions (local or larger) will falter.  Why?

7. Why should your neighbor join?

8. Why should your neighbor not join?

9. What other direction would you like to nudge or shove this organization?

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Thank you for your input!