April 2021

Giving considerations


Let me start by quoting a passage from a book I read recently.  "The Secret Formula. The inside story of how Coco-Cola became the best known brand".  One prominent character was Robert Woodruff who became wealthy in the mid 1900’s as the leader of the Coco-Cola company.  This was written about him in his post retirement. 

Woodruff’s greatest concern, more worrisome to him than politics or business, was the proper disposition of his fortune. Determined to make the wisest use of his money, he came to detest pressure for donations from any source, no matter how worthy. “It always gives me pleasure to do something for somebody, without being asked,” he explained once. “I don’t like to be asked.” His words were misinterpreted by some as evidence of quiet beneficence, when in fact he meant exactly what he said: He did not like to be asked....


He did not like to be asked, because he did not like having to say no.


This makes me think of our Lions clubs.  Most of our clubs don’t have a fortune, but do have the charge of disposing of funds.  Worthy entities may ask for our funds and we have to say “no”.  Kind of depressing when stated that way.  However, it is very exciting when we get to say yes. More so when we get to identify, ourselves, an appropriate recipient. The bonus is the surprise and the possible introduction of Lions to someone unaware.  It is not selfish to make that consideration as a service organization. 


I like to look for opportunities to help others and our organization at the same time.  

With that in mind I suggest the following considerations when shelling our funds.  


Giving considerations.


  1. Does it help something or someone?

  2. Is that entity deserving of support?

  3. Is there a lack of other support for this person or cause?

  4. Will this support benefit more than just the recipient?

  5. Will it show our organization in a good light?

  6. Will it show respect for previous support from this entity?

    1. Ex.  They have been supporters for a long time. Now they are in need of help themselves.

  7. Will it support a cause dear to the people providing the help..

  8. Will it hold the likelihood of being paid forward at some time. 

  9. Does it bring joy to make this donation of money or service?

  10. Does it fit our mission?