Lake Elmo, MN  ball park

White Bear Lake track concession.jpg
White Bear Lake track.jpg

Consession stand at White Bear Lake High School.  WBL Lions still run the concession operation out of it.  

Brockway shelter, Rosemount.jpg

Brockway Shelter in Rosemount

Rosemount Lions Park

Perhaps you can help.

I would like to collect pictures of Lions legacy projects that you or your club have been involved in.   It may be a ball park, picnic pavillion, garden, memorial, park, playground, bench, tree, fountain, piece of equipment, etc.   If you are able please use the form below to submit a picture of either or both of the thing and any commemorative plaque.   Then a sentence or two if if will help a viewer to understand what it is.  Please contact me via the button below and attach picture to your email.   I will add them to this page as I collect them.  Include your name if you would like me to attribute the picture. 


Thank You.