Letter to a constituent about contact data

Dear xxxx

Access to the data base and contacts is such a touchy issue these days with privacy concerns and what not. I will not grant you that access. If you have things to be sent out, I will do my best to vet it and distribute as appropriate. Many of us have worthwhile things to share. But when our members get deluged with everyone's requests, they may be more likely to tune out. Then the stuff I want them to see may get overlooked as well.

Your other email sent this evening, is one of many I get asking everyone to participate in someone's particular project. As a DG, I want members to cross boundaries and help other clubs in a show of cooperation. The avenue to do that is to get your event or project turned in to Paul Williams directly or through me to get on the district calendar. Once on the calendar, Lions everywhere can review and choose where they want to expend themselves.

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