New Brighton Stockyard Days

August 14, 2022

With my Sunday afternoon free, I checked the District calendar for any Lions events. Off I went to Stockyard days in New Brighton.

Thank you Club President Brian Imholte for showing me around and introducing me to Michele Norman and Val Johnson. The NB club got the nod in March to organize the event and these two women and their committee got moving. They had just five months to make it happen. They knew their limitations, and collaborated with other groups, to have yard games, bingo, food trucks, merchandise vendors, a Karaoke contest and much more. In the end it was a successful, family friendly event.

Wearing my school board hat, I would like to highlight their collaboration with Irondale High School. The New Brighton Lions make significant contributions benefiting students at that school. In return, many of them helped out with this weekend celebration. The student brought a level of energy and enthusiasm not always found with us older Lions. I chose the picture accompanying this posting as it includes some of those students and the others mentioned above.

Back to my Stillwater hat. While visiting with the Irondale Knight athletes, I tried not to brag about the Ponies' victorious ways when the two schools met in the gym or in the field. But I am weak in that way, and could not resist. They responded that when Stillwater has volleyball players coming in at 6’ 3”, it is hard for anyone to compete. That may be true. If they were quick thinkers they could have mentioned how Irondale would kick our ass in Marching band since Stillwater does not have one.

It was a good visit and congratulations to all.

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