The Main event

Many clubs have, what I call, their signature event. For my local club it is the bingo game at the Washington county fair. We just completed a successful run for 2022. We had a change of venue, were short staffed at times, overstaffed at other times and had minor issues to deal with. We rolled with the punches and made it work. Now we debrief while ideas and thoughts are still fresh in mind.

Fundraising is not the only benefit of a highly visible event like this. Other things are happening as well: These would include socializing with fellow Lions and community members and exposure of the Lions Club to the greater community. It was also an opportunity for those recipients of Lions generosity to play a part. We had one of our scholarship winners taking a shift selling cards.

As we put this year’s game behind us, we will focus on the next big thing. That will be Derby days in the city of Bayport. For a few of us it will be planning for the mid winter convention in January.

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