April 2021


Zoom Meetings


Kevin Rafferty was an imagineer at Disney.  He started in 1978 as a dishwasher and by the time he retired was a major player in designing Epcot, Tokyo Disney and other major attractions at the parks. In his memoir  “Magic Journey” he wrote...


To this day, some of the best ideation and cross-pollination at Imagineering happens at random times in random places when folks are on their way to someplace else, like the bathroom.


This is something we missed in 2020-21 and illustrates a limitation of zoom meetings.  We could brainstorm a long list of the benefits of virtual gatherings.   However, what is missed are the informal discussions and chance meetings where thoughts are exchanged and questions answered.  You know the scene.  I am wondering about x, but it may not be important enough to take up everyone’s time.  On Zoom, I would have to command the attention of everyone to bring up, even a minor issue. In person, I may be able to nudge the guy next to me and say “what was the budget for this project?, or how does this work in your club?”


In person I could walk out of a meeting and approach another…”I got this crazy idea, if you have a minute”  This leads to a 5 minute impromptu chat and a shake of hands saying “Good to see ya, I will let you know what our club thinks about that”.  This exchange could happen by email, but probably not.  


Someone may have the data, but I believe that a majority of Lions became members with some social considerations in mind.  Visiting through a computer became a necessary bandaid, and will still be used at times for convenience, but it will not be a long term solution for us.